The P.O.P. Initiative at Columbia University

We are P.O.P.,
An initiative to bring socially conscious change to organizations throughout the world.
We are educators, developing professionals to become exceptional leaders.
We are advocates, reforming social systems from within.
We are thought-leaders, providing unique perspectives, backed by psychological research.
We are the sum total of proven knowledge and skills in group dynamics, change leadership, and diversity.


We believe in humanity.
We believe in helping organizations rediscover empathy, remove silos, and redefine culture.
We believe in intellectual honesty and emotional engagement.
We believe in confronting challenging situations through vulnerability and self-confidence.
We believe people should have the opportunity to learn and develop toward a full realization and actualization of individual potential.
And we believe that through individual change, we can achieve organizational change. 

We are the POP Initiative, an advocate for socially conscious organizational change.



Competition. Athletes seek it, fear it, need it.
Athletes know competition doesn’t just happen on the field.
It happens on the track. In the weight room. In the gym.
Athletes love the 6am run. They love the midway point of a plank.
The love the rush, the sweat, the pump. They love beating their personal best.
They love two-a-days. Stadiums on 100-degree summer days and track-work on 20-degree winter nights.
Athletes love their sport. Many will sacrifice anything for it.
But now they don’t have to.

We are the elite. We believe in science. We believe in transparency.
We believe in supplements that work as hard as the athletes who take them.
We believe in living with intention — and leaving nothing on the table.
We believe in bigger, faster, stronger, safer.
We believe athletes deserve a different kind of supplement.

We are AthElite.

Second Self Beer Company


There is a place where boredom ends,
And before the stress begins.
Where beer flows, cold and tasty,
And doubt don’t comprehend.
This is the place of Second Selves,
The fierce, the foolish, the feisty.
This is the place we love the most,
The place where boredom ends.